WP plugin MyQtip – easy qTip2

About Plugin

The plugin was created in 2013 year

MyQtip this is plugin for WordPress, based qTip2 jQuery plugin, is a plugin to display nice looking, user friendly tooltips. You can choose from 12 color style. Position easily changeable.

How to Use?

shortcode style

[myqtip title='my text tips for any content' ] demo for content [/myqtip]
[myqtip title='my text tips for link' ] <a href="#">demo for link</a> [/myqtip]

demo for content

demo for link

inline style

<a class="myqtip" title="my text tips" href="#">demo for link</a>

<span class="myqtip" title="title tips">any content</span>

demo for link

demo for content

Demo text

Uncertainty principle

The uncertainty principle, also known as Heisenberg’s indeterminacy principle, is a fundamental concept in quantum mechanics. It states that there is a limit to the precision with which certain pairs of physical properties, such as position and momentum, can be simultaneously known. In other words, the more accurately one property is measured, the less accurately the other property can be known.

Source: Wikipedia